Pupil.latge horse

Pupil.latge horse released Girona.


The basic pillars of with pupil.latge horses to have a horse in the state of optimum health mental i físicaAre: food always available and plentiful condition of freedom, and live in pack. Our customers trust us to know our philosophy. Cleaning andattention Health always guaranteed by professionals.

The horse pupil.latge for freedom and mandate. We offer the best pupil.latge province Girna at our center where their pets can spend all day in a group and in very good tracts of land. We also offer the option paddock. The farm is under 24 hroes day, with services veterinarian, farrier, barefoot ... ..Coaching horses, equiniteràpia dressage naturally.

L´alimentació 100% natural, balanced and maximum attention for his cavall.Informeu you and will be glad of listening and really know it the attention it needs to serve his horse with the utmost responsibility.