Arrandeterra gift packages.

Gift packages:

1. Weekend relax! Escaped! a weekend with the best company in a spectacular setting, surrounded by nature, close to places of cultural and tourist interest, and where there is peace and harmony.

Includes 2 nights accommodation in a bungalow fully equipped, two-hour horseback rides, and two tickets to the hot springs spa: Magma.

(Login Friday from 16h and departure at 12am on Sunday)

discount Price: $ 200

2. Pack 5 kinds of mounts connected: Learn to ride from the confidence and knowledge of the horse. Learn to tell things the best way, communica't with it effectively, both from the ground and from above its back!

Price 85 euros (40{199098293bb8b5ed64c544c58c84570b8b17ea936ae7a4c89c5b65dbf69303d6} discount)

3. Pack disconnect !! Charge the batteries! enjoy nature and well-being that this brings.

Includes one night accommodation in a fully equipped bungalow, two hours on horseback and bicycles available.

Price: 180 Euros

(Bungalow fully-equipped bungalow directions)