Arrandeterra, offer equine therapy, psychotherapy, coaching and training horses in horse-assisted interventions (IAAC)

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Arrandeterra means firmness, consistency, boldness, I connect with our environment and our presence, serenity, balance and safety. This is represented by a picture of the four legs of the horse, it reflected perfectly.

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Pack classes

Pack classes

Discover a world of possibilities, listen to your body and work on the harmony with what will be your best ally, the horse! Offer: Pack of 5 individual classes at 120 € Children, young people and adults from 6 years old. Schedules to be agreed Introduction to riding and ...

Horseback riding in Vilobí

Horseback riding in Vilobí

Comparteix una tarda de calma i de contacte amb els cavalls amb qui tu vulguis i amb nosaltres :)Passejos a cavall per a dos persones Horari a convenir PREU: 50€ (25€ per persona) Per reserves o consultes contacte amb nosaltresMasia Cal Cucut, s/n – Can BellsCtra....

Introductory sessions to the world of the horse

Introductory sessions to the world of the horse

Want to get to know horses better? Would you like to understand their non-verbal communication? This should be the first goal of any rider / amazon. With these sessions we will learn to communicate with them, learn to speak the same language and thus be able to establish a ...


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Masia Cal Cuckoo, s / n - Can Bells
Ctra. Santa Coloma, 15 km, Vilobí d'Onyar-Brunyola (Girona)


ES +34 669253487
FR +33 650552721