equine Girona

equine Girona:

"Courage is being scared, and yet, up to the horse"

A Arrandeterra, l´equine nearest to you in the province of Girona.

What is Equine?

The equine therapy is whereby use the passage and movement of the horse as a therapeutic instrumentBecause its rhythmic step walk is very similar to a person, so we engage a client physiotherapy active and passive at the same time, which is very useful for rehabilitation, maintenance or recovery of movement and mental and physical abilities.

The treatment team consisting of a physiotherapist, a specialist equine, equinoterapeuta and a horse.

* It is divided into the following areas:

Hippotherapy: suitable for users with physical affection, participate in the activity passively.

Therapeutic Riding: for users who can perform some action on the animal with cognitive behavioral alteration.

Riding adapted: for users who need some additional resource to practice riding as a sport.

Riding office: for users with social adaptation problems.

In which cases is the equine favorable?

-Patologies Neurological: cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis, poliomyelitis. -Trastorns mental and psychiatric disorders. -Retard mental. -Autisme. -Síndrome Down. -Language school in the area of ​​learning, attention, hyperactivity, psychomotor -Retard motivation .... -Discapacitat auditory, visual and sensory. -a problem behavioral and social adaptation. -Trastorns emotional. -Malalties neurodegenerative diseases. -Alteracions Food: anorexia and bulimia.

Beneficial effects:

effects sociomotors

-Development and similar verbal communication. Increased attention and mental concentration. -Afrontament fears. -Increase the confidence and self-esteem. -Increase adaptability. -Disminueix aggression. -Increase cooperative behavior. -Increase responsibility.

psychomotor effects

-Estabilitza the trunk and head. -Develop balance horizontal and vertical. -built body symmetry. You must hold the psychomotor coordination. -Develop handedness. -Incrementa elasticity, muscle strength and agility.

neuromotor effects

-Regulation and muscle toning. -Inhibició tonic reflex and associated movements. -Automatització the march.

effects sensomotors

Must hold social integration. -Develop awareness and body image.

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