The team of Peu Baix y ArrandeterraOffer during the month of June, July, August and September, Casalets themed motor sport and learning activities animal world and rural lifeIn the Cuckoo Ca'l facilities Vilobí of Onyar.

The farmsteads are intended for children, from 4 years of motorsport lovers, nature and animals.

We offer the organization of a complete program of activities during the summer weeks where children may learn to treat and care for different animals, know their ethology and attain knowledge and life skills in the field.
All combined with an intensive course in piloting techniques in the modalities of ENDURO, MOTOCROSS, QUADS AND TRIAL well as other sports pool, soccer and biking.


- June 27 to July 1
- 11 to 15 Julio
- 18 to July 22
- 1 after Aug. 5
- September 5 to 9

We will have a driving range and different circuits designed for training in the specialties of enduro, motocross, trial and quads.
Courses will go to practice, piloting and development at all levels, as well as technical and educational aspects such as road traffic, safety and respect for the environment.

Each student must bring the following:

-Equipment moto-quad: boots, helmet, protection, goggles, gloves ...
-moto-Quad (in good condition)

-bed comfortable and good shoes.



- 400 euros from Monday to Friday (Includes: Diets, Lodging, courses, activities with animals and rural life)
- 350 euros from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 17'30h (includes diets, course, animal activities)
- 300 euros from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 14pm (pilot course)
- 60 euros / day from 9.00 h to 13h (Piloting Course)
- 80 euros / day 9'00h to 20h (Cursillo Piloting + + Activities Animal Diets)

Scheduled time:

08’00h – 09’00h Start
09'00h - 09'30h Breakfast
09'30h - 10'00h Equipment - Gasoline
10'00h - practical - theoretical course 13'00h
13'00h - 14'00h Pool
14'00h - 15'30h LUNCHEON - break
15'30h - 17'30h activities with animals - Games - Sports
18'00h - 20'00h MOTO Training
20'30h - 21'00h pool - Shower
21'30h - 23'00h Dinner - Tertulia - Games
23’00h Off

MOTO possibility of renting, QUAD and equipment.

More information:
Joan de las Heras
630 983 780
Maria de las Heras
669 253 487