Last week from 18 to 22 July, Arrandeterra and motor club Peu to Baix, they worked together to carry out the first summer camp for young riders who wanted to perfect their driving technique in the sport of Enduro, Trial and / or quads and which in turn are animal lovers and nature.

Arrandeterra gave the opportunity to children, to approach the rural world and agriculture.

They learned to relate effectively with horses, I understood their ethology and mind.

Doing games with horses, they learned to work together and communicate effectively.

We promote the strengths of each participant, and learned that the losses can also be successful!

They concluded that not always the winner is the most knowledgeable, but all strategies are valid, that there is some better than others, but what we appreciate is the end result to perfect!

The result was an absolute success because as children, we can already reserve a place again for next year!