Coaching with Horses in Girona.

This summer two companies began a process of coaching horses with Arrandeterra, Dhara and Mendips Talent Development (human resources company led by Eva Garcés, member of the team Dhara, psychologist and coach with great experience in these fields).

coaching horses coaching with horses in Girona

Lidl i Ricardo Molina were the two companies that bet to enjoy a day coaching horsesWith the main purpose of cohesive team i improve your communication.

Team bulging objectives:

The general objectives of the training teams are to increase the understanding of the dynamics of teams and equipment to improve the way the team works together. Unlike teamwork, teamwork incorporates accountability group rather than individual responsibility and results in a product of collective work. [ 5 ] Team building fosters teamwork to work on a project. The advantages of this approach are: [ 6 ]

  • Greater flexibility in skills and abilities
  • More productive working groups minded individual
  • More beneficial in times of organizational change
  • Promoting both individual and team development and improvement
  • It focuses on the objectives of the group to perform the tasks most beneficial
  • Improved range of team building objectives, such as collaboration, communication and creative thinking and flexible. [ 7 ]

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