Clinical great success last weekend April 13 and 14 held at the premises of Arrandeterra, where we learned to improve the relationship between humans and horses, putting ourselves more into the horse's brain and body and not so much into our own.

We have learned to look at horses with different eyes, from curiosity and confidence.

We have transmitted the importance of treating them with total respect and understanding.

We have learned to be more fair, clear and trustworthy in our actions, from the horse's point of view.

Great students and teachers!

Thank you all!

We leave you with some valid conclusions and reflections to apply not only with horses, but curiously, they are essential for our day to day:

"Practice horse time!"

"It is so important to apply pressure when it touches, than to remove it at the most opportune moment!"

"Practice being less predatory and more prey, observing all your surroundings"

"The horse is never wrong"

"Ask, but don't forget to reward"

"We must get the horse to choose to be with us because it is super nice!"

The Arrandeterra Team thanks you for investing in this knowledge!