Arrandeterra, Coaching with horses, Was created to d'aportar welfare to people and give them appropriate and sacred space for reflection, learning and personal growth. Arrandeterra means firmness, consistency, boldness, I connect with our environment and our presence, serenity, balance and safety. This is represented by a picture of the four legs of the horse, it reflected perfectly.


Arrandeterra philosophy is based on evidence that contact with nature relaxes you, makes us noble feelings emerge relationship with the world and reminds us that we are an integral part.

The humans are the only animals able to live this .Aprenen 100% of situations experienced in the past to cope more successfully to the circumstances of the moment. No stagnate unreal time such as past and future. Live according solved.

We can teach, among other coping attitudes to life, to live in the moment, as they do, because the only way we relate it to success is evading us and putting our human brain letting us momentarily your skin, trying to think like the animal they are.

This wonderful capacity is uniquely human and transferred to our social life can be a great exercise in humility, understanding and acceptance of life.

Horses by nature are great educators emotional. Because their survival depends on being alert to the subtleties of its surroundings, capture our energy level, even being at a great distance.

The horse acts as a receiver and amplifier huge emotions and intentions. Therefore, your feedback before our emotional state is immediate. This gives us a unique opportunity to see what we have emotional behavior and find the tools to change it.

Our attitude to events that happen in our life determines the outcome of these events. Properly manage our emotions can have repercussions for our highly successful life.

Horses and other animals, if we look at them with eyes of curiosity, can teach us a way to live and coexist with the world very satisfactory.