Arrandeterra, specializing in coaching with horses in Girona, born with the aim of providing welfare to people and give them the proper and sacred space for reflection, personal growth and learning.

Philosophy Arrandeterra part of the evidence that contact with nature relaxes us, makes us sprout the noblest sentiments of relationship with the world and reminds us that we are part of it.

Nonhuman animals are the only ones who are able to live the present 100%. They learn from situations experienced in the past to deal more successfully with the circumstances. Unrealistic not stagnate in times such as the past and the future. They solve as they live.

They can teach us, among many other attitudes of coping with life, living in the moment, as they do, because the only way we relate to them is in harmony, it is out of our human brain and putting ourselves for a moment in her skin, trying to think like the animal it is. This wonderful capacity is uniquely human and transferred to our social life can be a fantastic exercise in humility, understanding and acceptance of life.

Arrandeterra It means firmness, tenderness, consistency, daring, connect with our self and our environment, presence, serenity, balance and security. This is depicted in the drawing of the 4 legs of the horse, plasma to perfection.

Horses, by nature, are great emotional educators. Because their survival depends on being alert to the subtleties of their surroundings, they capture our energy level, even being at a great distance.

The horse acts as a receiver and amplifier huge emotions and intentions. Therefore, its feedback to our emotional state it is immediate. This gives us a unique opportunity to see what we have emotional behavior and find the tools necessary to modify it.

Our attitude to events that happen in our life determines the outcome of these events. Properly manage our emotions can have highly favorable repercussions for our life.

Horses and other animals, if we look at them with eyes of curiosity, can teach us a way to live and coexist with the very successful world.

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