Our team

Arrandeterra is formed by a team of health, education and personal development. We all experts in operations and management of horses.

What unites us?

We are proactive people who work with the heart and we are passionate about our project. We the people and the potential of each to improve in any area of ​​your life and get maximum version of herself. We are enthusiastic and motivating, and we play therapy.

Our mission is to accompany individuals, along with our colleagues unconditional, horses in salaries propcessos learning and improvement. Our motto:

Impregna't the "horse time".

Who are we?

Maria de las Heras

Nurse, Equinoterapeuta, Coach and founder d'Arrandeterra specialized horse.

Joan Royo

Instructor and equestrian guide. Gestalt therapist, Equine and Bionergètica.

Sara Molledo

Nurse and Equinoterapeuta.

Montse Rotllant

Coercive Coach, Coach and facilitator specializing horses Emotional Education.