How to fight the post-holiday syndrome your team?

For many team leaders this task can become a difficult hurdle to face ... the so-called post-holiday syndrome is the greatest enemy of motivation. Y What happens when there is no motivation on a computer?

Leaders in addition to their own goals, they have to ensure maximum performance of your computer to obtain the desired results. One of the most common mistakes is precisely to be focused solely on the objectives and results to be met. This does not mean you do not have to take them into account, on the contrary. Our proposal is to get your team reach the objectives and therefore the results, but putting the focus on what motivates your team to get them. Find and / or incentive to know what your team is the engine for your team motivated and see this company objectives as its own goal.

How to find what incentive to motivate your team?

We propose a methodology that allows a dynamic and consciously find individual motivation to achieve team goals.

Through this methodology you can:

  • Knowing what encourages each team member to build a high performance team.
  • Improve communication
  • Getting a solid team cohesion.
  • Relationship building, team leader and from the appreciation to enhance the talent of each member and get full potential as a team.

Montse Rotllant / Coach & Team Leader.